Additional Material to Sunset Boulevard. Hugh about musical.
Prepared by Targhis.

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Hugh speaking

…Joe (…) His situation of the moment is: he’s very much down on his luck. He is what I call a beaten warrior. The warrior is still there within him. And you can tell that he is jaded, you can tell that he is at his wit’s end. He is an idealist in an non-idealistic world who is about to throw it all in… Norma Desmond is all around here

…I met a woman who was married to Dean Semler who just won the Academy award for “Dances with wolves”. And she said to me, she said: “Hugh you know I’m (…) don’t you?” And I said: “No, but thanks for telling me”. And she said: “I think you should be an actor”. And I said: “Well, I’m trying to be one at the moment”. And she said: “Yes, I wanna introduce you to someone tomorrow. And be ready cause the things gonna happen fast for you, is that all right?” And I said: “Fine”…

…And I was about to sing, and I hear from the back of the theatre: “Stop!” And I was like: “Oh, no! This is goin’ really badly!” I thought I only began. He (Trevor Nunn) ran up to me, literally ran up to the front and he said: “Now listen, how many seats are out there?” And I said: “It’s about two hundred”. And he said: “Well, there’s two hundred people out there who hate you! They hate you! You’ve got three minutes to tell them otherwise. Go!” And music started, it was like… Music! Trevor was drivin’ on the back and I’m like: “Right! Two hundred seats!” And I just felt the surge of energy in all my nerves… Wooh!..


Before the show… The second of our rehearsals we were doin’ the waltz which happens at the end of act one. And she’s looking up at me and I’m there waltzing with her, and she’s looking up singing at me, so beautifully, and I’m all of sudden: Hugh Michael Jackman, you are dancing with and listening this far to Debra Byrne, and then my queue comes and now I’ve gotta sing for her and seduce her (laughing) with my singing! It was just bizarre!..

(answering what is his favourite song in the show) The duet. The duet with Betty. That moment is my favourite. (singing) “I thought I had everything I needed, My life was set… My dreams were in place”… It’s great, it’s such a classic love tune. It’s the first time Joe… you see him falling in love, and you see his façade, his cool fifty’s façade break down. And you see his real self. And not only that, you see him let it go and have a great old time and let all emotion out. And this is wonderful to sing!..

I've danced with Deborah Birn herself X-mas I thought I'd got everything