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Hugh speaking

…The basic outline is we’re on the night of the big bash, once a year bash. With his beloved

It’s the morning of and Curly – the character I play – is coming to ask his sweetheart who everyone thinks they’re goin’ out together but they’re not officially together yet. That time when you’re officially together you’re basically married, not such thing as girlfriend, boyfriend. So, he comes around but they have this kind of fighting, sort of (…) kind of relationships, sort of never wanting to admit that they actually love each other, you know (…) Into the picture comes Laurrie’s farmhand – she lives in a farm… a farmhand called Jud, who’s somewhat of a social misfit, huge guy who is not a great communicator and he is obsessed by Laurrie and unbeknownst to Curly he has invited her and she’s accepted to go with him to the party which is a big deal. Not necessarily meaning that they gonna be girlfriend, boyfriend, but more to piss Curly off… Filming moment


…Basically it’s all about love and sex and… (low sexy voice) and cowboys… It’s a modern tale. (laughing)

…It really is about real people and times and sort of damn hard (?) and somehow it’s easier to find pathos in situation like that. And it’s also wonderful to find uplifting songs, humor and hard.

Hugh speaking and speaking


And as an actor – that’s what so easy about Oklahoma, is that hard, it’s all about hard it’s all whatever happens this people are on the edge of survival, every bit of them. And so there’s a real worhthness about that. And that’s why it’s enjoying, that’s why people love it…

…There is a change. This place, this territory is gonna become the state. That’s so exciting, but then all these people are all gonna be victims of (…) I mean it is a small moment of history, they not gonna live happily ever after. The photographs that are taken are just to remind the audience that actually all these people… that they’re dead. They’re all dead. And they had life just like we’re having…