Hugh Jackman

Born 12.10.1968
in Sydney (Australia)

He likes golf, windsurfing,
gin and tonic,
casual clothes.

He loves his wife,
son & daughter.

He can sing, play the piano, violin and guitar.

He is filming and performing onstage.

Idea & Realization
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Special Thanks to Targhis

Site was created 18.12.2004


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New & Updates

In honour of week-end we have something tasty =) - addition material for that keeping marvelous "The Fountain" (special thanks for Targhis for the material;)). Stay with us ;)

Missed us? Sure you did.

Smoky Van Helsing is now ready to show you his... erm... gun. And for good girls he has something special: here and here.

There's always something intriguing in a man named Gabriel. Or Hugh ;-)

Me twinkling mischief, =^_^=

So, at last, interviews of Oklahoma and Sunset Boulevard are avaliable in English - in the native variant, as Hugh told them to us =) My dearest genius Elena had prepared everything, so it was rather simple to do )Enjoy ;)

Sincerely yours, mrrr=)

The day before Yesturday was very special date and our lovely Lunokot added to the Movies-page some special material. Screenshots to the "Fountain". She (and me of course!) beleives it's very special movie in Hugh's carreer so almost 200 screenshots are waiting for you!
"My conquestador", - heroine played by Rachel Weisz calls Hugh. And so it's truth. Just look at the picture right.

Tired but happy, =^_^=

Movies-page was reorganized slightly. Come back tomorrow to be stunning ;)

Me intriguing, =^_^=

Musical page was reorganized slightly. Don't panic! Just other musicals were added! Please notice that links to the additional material of newbies are currently unavailable.

Cheers and all that,

Admins totally understand that sometimes they act steadly de trop, but nevertheless it's better later than never =) All the more all stuff was ready... but why it didn't appeared in time... that's the question of questions... And besides Hugh murmurs that getting presents is always a pleasure ;) So =)

My dear dear Lunokot,
please check Musical page wich is in English now and guess what did you forget to download. A small hint: three of them.

Your for ever,

P.S. All links on page above work! But all materials are in Russian for a while.

Screenshots to first 4 parts of Kate & Leopold were added.

Isn't he cuuute? Awww!.. I beg your pardon. It's raining here and if it's raining you must keep up your spirit. And who can do it better than Hugh?

Still purring 'If I caught the world',

Additional interview to Prestige and Sunset Boulevard are here. But all materials were translated into Russian... as usual.

Also you can imagine Sting singing Until from Kate&Leo and Hugh-Prince Charming dancing with... any person you like.

Purring 'If I caught the world',

Page for Interviews is in English now! And the link to the Late night with Konan O'Brien is here, but all materials were translated into Russian. It will take us some time to turn the text back.

Additional Material for Oklahoma show is here too, but once again in Russian only - till we turn it back into English.

Our dearest magic Lunokot attached new Guestbook to the site. Welcome!

yours =^_^=

Veeery important part of our lives, ladies and gentlemen, plays... Humor! In English now!

And our noble and brilliant Lunokot presents us her English/Russian exchange-button. All pages mentioned above have now got this magic button!

yours =^_^=

We are Bob and Muzzy!.. Khm...khm... I beg your pardon))) Movies-page is now in English. Aaand Someone like you in screenshots is here! Other links from Movie-page are currently unavailable. But it's just for a while! Come back soon! =^_^=

Ta-dam! Disclaimer is here!

Ok, here we are! Bio (which is still under construction, shame on me!) and Announced Hugh-works are in English now!

Honestly, that took us so long to start doing this English mirror. But we were able to pass through and finally can proudly present you, our dear visitor, results of our work. And this site is real and no fancy! :)